Electronic MQTTGateway PCB

Problems and Fixes of the first design.

After the PCB’s arrived, I tested them and found the following problems:

  • IR Receiver caused a short circuit
  • Transistor didn’t switched the LED’s
  • IR LED’s were too dim

And these are fixes:

  • IR Receiver had the wrong footprint (GND and VCC were switched)
  • Transistor only worked with 5V, replaced it with a MOSFET with 1.7V threshold
  • IR LED’s current is raised from 20mA to 80mA
  • Relocated the power input connector
  • added a solder pad for the spiral antennas
  • Enlarged the traces for the LED’s

Ordering the new revision soon, so hopefully the first fully working design will be published soon. I will make a proper release on Github with the all the working files, including gerber files.

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